Math-Help Sessions (Math Tutoring)
See the information at the bottom, below the list of help sessions.

Updated August 25, 2018.    Check this page at the beginning of every week to see if there are changes.

  Look at the changes, too!


Coming changes at this time:
EEK 1 (Aug. 27 to Aug. 31):    NO MATH HELP SESSIONS THIS WEEK.
(Sept. 4 to Sept. 7):  MATH HELP STARTS SEPT. 4.   Currently planning all five sessions as scheduled. 

WEEK 3 (Sept. 10 to Sept. 14):  Two cancellations:  
                (1) Tues., Sept. 11, 1:50 math help session is cancelled.

                  (2) Wed., Sept. 12, 1:50 math help session is cancelled
                The other three sessions will still be available.

WEEK 4 (Sept. 17 to Sept. 21): As normally scheduled; no changes.  Currently planning all five sessions as scheduled.   

Information / rules / policies about these math-help sessions:
1) These times are for walk-ins. No appointments. 
Students may come for any amount of time: a short time, even just one question, or for longer, as long as they want during the scheduled times. 
Students may show up anytime during a scheduled help session.  They do not have to come right at the beginning, and they may leave whenever they're finished, without waiting for the end of the session. 
These math-help sessions are to help students with things they are having difficulty understanding, or a problem they cannot figure out, after first working hard at home on it, and trying the normal things to figure out how and why to do it (textbook examples, solution manual, other adults or students, whatever might help).  However, don't agonize about trying at home for hours...if still stuck on something after doing the main things and using the main resources, come in and see me.  I can usually save someone a lot of time with just a few minutes of explanation for a specific type of problem.  
These math-help sessions are NOT for me to teach a section to a student from scratch.  They should have already worked hard at home trying to learn it, using the textbook examples, solution manual, adults, even videos online.  If they haven't tried hard at home first, they shouldn't come in for math help yet, until they have done their part appropriately at home first.