I recommend that you email me to set an appointment for one of these times. 
I usually cannot have parent conferences as walk-ins, since I have probably already scheduled another conference or am fulfilling other responsibilities slated for that time.  PLEASE contact me via email ( to arrange a conference, requesting a day and time based on this list:
• If there is no staff meeting, then I am available at 8:30, or 9:30, or 10:30. 
• If there is a staff meeting, then I am available only at 11:00. 
• Sometimes available at 9:00 or 9:30. 
• Sometimes available at 2:30.
• Sometimes available at 2:30.
• Sometimes available at 3:15. 
     • This is the best day for a meeting, except turn-in Fridays.  I'm available most of the day on Fridays, except turn-in Fridays (which is the last day of the school month, when most students are turning in their monthly work...I am unable to combine collecting work with any meetings on that day).