Hello supervisory students,
You need to turn in your monthly work on or before the last Friday of each school month. I have a particular way I want you to turn in the work, and I have provided a checklist (in the dropbox folder; the link is below the list of turn-in dates). Use that checklist when you are setting up your work to turn in. Please follow the checklist EXACTLY, and email me if you have any questions about anything on it.
Turn-in Dates, First Semester:
Month 1: September 21, 2018
Month 2: October 19, 2018
Month 3: November 16, 2018
Month 4: December 14, 2018
Month 5: January 25, 2019
Turn-in Dates, Second Semester:
Month 6: February 22, 2019
Month 7: March 22, 2019
Month 8: April 19, 2019
Month 9: May 17, 2019
Month 10: June 11, 2019, or earlier.

  • Supervisory Dropbox Link. This is where you will find:
    • The monthly checklist for turning in work at the end of each month.
    • A document explaining the monthly Turn-In Process.
    • A schoolwork blank planning page (PDF)
    • A schoolwork blank planning page (MS Word format, for personal modification.)
  • PE Drobox Link.  This is where you will find:
    • PE monthly cover sheet
    • PE checklist for turning in the PE packet each month
    • PE directions (the checklist is at the end of the directions)
    • A blank log