Common Core Math 8
(including Accelerated Math 7)

The link to the DROPBOX FOLDER is:  The dropbox folder has the syllabus, the monthly cover sheet, and instructional teacher handouts as available. 


(If you don't remember the password for this one, email your teacher and ask for it.)  

Click here for the ORIENTATION SLIDE SHOW shown during the first week's study group in month 1.



Things you have to do every month:

1.   Notes on every sections assigned for the month (5% of the grade).
2.   Textbook work (15% of the grade). You must show your work for every problem. 
3.   Take a test (75% of the grade) during the last week of the school month.
4.   Do student-corrections of any incorrect questions from the test, after the teacher grades it. (5% of the grade).


Things you should know:

1.  PACING GUIDE: There is a pacing guide on the back on the monthly cover sheet. FOLLOW IT. Stay within one or two days of it. If you don’t, you will end up behind at the end of the month, without time to study and practice enough to do well on the test.

2.  HOW TO TURN IN MONTHLY WORK: There are directions on the back of the cover sheet on how to turn in the monthly work.  Follow those directions.  

3.  THE WEEKLY CLASS: you should come to the weekly class (the "study group"). It’s true that the class is officially “optional,” but only if a PARENT says it’s OK to skip it (students don’t decide themselves that they don’t need to go to class). Note that this is the one chance each week to actually get direct, helpful math instruction from your teacher—and there are sometimes tips and hints that can be really helpful, especially when taking the test.  For the schedule of classes, go to the the school's study group schedule. 

4.   MATH HELP: I (Mr. Greenwood) have some specific times to help students with math questions. Those times are open for any of my students. Note that those are the ONLY times when I am available for math help. Go to my main webpage and you'll see the link for the days and times for math help.

5.  THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) webpage. Lots of questions are answered there, even questions you didn’t know you will have. Go to my main webpage and you'll see the link for the FAQ page.

6. EXTRA CREDIT: There is a monthly extra credit assignment, but you must follow the directions and turn it in on time. If you don’t follow the directions or don't turn it in on time, you just simply don’t get the points for doing the extra credit. Go to my main webpage and you'll see the link for the Extra Credit page.

7. READ MY EMAILS: Please read them carefully and follow what they say.