Correct Heading for All Types of Math Papers
First, put the heading in the top right corner.  NOT LEFT, because stapling makes it hard to see things on that side.  
Second, four things must be in the heading: 
  1. student name (both first and last name, and NOT initials)
  2. course name (if in an advanced course, must write it),
  3. date the assignment was done (not when you're turning it in, but when you actually did it),
  4. what the assignment actually is (such as page and problem numbers).
Example 1PRACTICE PROBLEMS FROM THE TEXTBOOKNotice that for the number of problems, it's ok to write the first and last, with the word various, because only some of the problems are assigned.
Teddy Roosevelt         
 Common Core Math 7
 Nov. 6, 2015               
 p. 185, 3-27 various    
 Example 2:  NOTESWrite the word notes and also write the section number. 
Teddy Roosevelt        
Integrated Math I       
 Nov. 6, 2015              
 Notes  4-7                 

.  If there's a worksheet or handout that is being turned in, it might already have a place for name...but maybe not for date or course.  It's OK to use any spaces already provided...but make sure you also write in anything that wasn't given a space.  You must still have all four things (name, course, date, assignment title). If you write something in other than the provided spaces, put it in the right corner again.  Notice that in this example, there was a space provided for name and date, and the assignment was already written on the paper.  The only thing missing this time was the name of the course, which is now in the top right corner.  
 Integrated Math III
     Name:  Teddy Roosevelt  __   .      Date:  Nov. 7, 2015     .

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