How do I know what my grade is?
When to I get my grade?  
1.  HOW TO FIND OUT THE GRADE/SCORE on an assignment, or overall grade:  I use the JupiterEd online grading program.  You will receive an email after the first test which will have a link to enter JupiterEd.  You will have to decide on a password at your first entrance into the JupiterEd program; don't forget that password. You will be able to enter the computer program anytime to see what scores have been earned for assignments, as well as overall grade.
2.  WHEN to find out the grade/score depends on the assignment. 
  • Monthly turn-in work packetsTwo weeks from the turn-in day.
  • Monthly tests/quizzes taken on time: One week after the testing period ends (so by Friday of the first week in the next month).  However, I score 95% of tests much sooner than that, and usually within two or three days. 
  • If a test is taken as a make-up or a late test (reminder: late test = 20% penalty), then the test will be graded when I get to goes to the bottom of the priority list.  Usually I still score such tests relatively quickly (within one to three days), but it might be a week or so.  It depends primarily on how busy that week is. 
  • Extra credit: it will be recorded and viewable in the gradebook in one or two weeks after the extra credit deadline (which is always the Thursday AFTER the monthly turn-in day).