First, remember that the due date is the last day of the official school attendance month, not the end of the calendar month.  They are never exactly the same, so when you hear that something is due at the end of the month, that means the end of the school month.  Those dates, by the way, are at the bottom of this page.
 Here's what you do to turn in the monthly work:
  1. Take out one piece of math work (from the practice problems work) that you will give to your supervising teacher, separately from the packet of work. This page is for the "audit file."
  2. Use the cover sheet to put all the rest of the assignments in the correct order.
  3. Put the cover sheet on top.
  4. Staple it.  If there are too many papers to staple through, come and see me so I can show you a method to get it to work. 
  5. Bring it to your supervising teacher (along with all your other subjects' packets).
  6. Show it to your supervising teacher, so that teacher can determine if you have earned full attendance for the month (NOTE: the one audit file piece is NOT proof of work done and attendance; it is a sample required by the State of California to back up the teacher's decision about attendance.)
  7. Leave the audit file piece with the supervising teacher.  
  8. Bring the packet of work (cover sheet on top) to the my classroom, room 3.
  9. Put the packet of work in the box that I (Mr. Greenwood) have set up in room 3.  There will be a sign on the box saying, "Monthly Math Work."

THE AUDIT FILE PAGE that you have to leave with your supervising are some things you need to know/do: 

Month 1: September 23, 2016
Month 2: October 21, 2016
Month 3: November 18, 2016
Month 4: December 16, 2016
Month 5: January 27, 2017 (also end of the first semester).
Month 6: February 24, 2017
Month 7: March 24, 2017
Month 8: April 21, 2017
Month 9: May 19, 2017
Month 10: Before 11:30 a.m. on the last day of school, although everyone's encouraged to turn in the work packets earlier, and start summer vacation sooner.  Note: most teachers will require their packet to go to them much sooner so they can grade the work and figure out final grades before the last day of school.  Therefore, waiting until the last day of school to turn in your work packets and audit file samples might cause you to have lowered grades in some of your classes.