What work needs to be turned in at the end of each month, for attendance credit and to be graded?
 Click on your course below to see what you have to turn in at the end of each month in the work packet that will be counted for attendance credit. 
The course numbers that follow the name are the first and second semester official school district course numbers (note: only high school credit courses have separate numbers for first and second semester).
 Pre-Algebra  (4001) 
 Algebra Readiness  (4080) 
 Algebra, Regular Course  (4041, 4042)  
 Algebra, Advanced Course  (4063, 4064) 
 Geometry, Advanced Course  (4175, 4176)  
 Unifying  (official title: Unifying Algebra & Geometry: 4121, 4122)
                 No graduation credit for freshman or sophomores for the Unifying course.
 Intermediate Algebra, Regular Course  (4151, 4152) 
 Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Course  (4065, 4066) 
 Human Psychology  (1154, 1155) 
 PE 9th grade  (5503, 5504) 
 PE 10th grade  (5701, 5702)