How do I know what my grade is?
When to I get my grade?  
1.  HOW TO FIND OUT THE GRADE/SCORE on an assignment, or overall grade:  The school district is starting a new district-wide grading program this year, and that will be your "portal" to finding assignment scores and overall grades. You (student and a parent) will be given an user id and password so you will be able to enter the computer program to see what scores have been earned for assignments, as well as overall grade.
Supposedly, the new computer program will allow me to email assignment score results to students and parents.  We'll all find out together when and how this works.  Until then, I will use a different program from outside the school district, and through that program I'll email home grades once or twice a month, or upon request
2.  WHEN to find out the grade/score depends on the assignment