May I use a calculator?

For these classes, NO (except for certain lessons...see note 2)  
Common Core Math 7,
Common Core Math 8

NOTE 1:  At home, a calculator might sometimes be appropriate for double-checking an answer before going to the back of the book--but be careful not to get dependent on it!  In fact, it's really not necessary for anything until we get to certain topics near the end of the year.  It's far better to redo a calculation on paper to be sure operations were done correctly, and you get the same answer the second time. 

NOTE 2:  There might be some lessons during the year where a calculator is needed.  If that happens, the teacher will let you know when you are allowed to use it, either on homework or on tests. 
For these classes: YES:   
Integrated Math I,
Integrated Math I Advanced,
Integrated Math III (need a graphing calculator),
Integrated Math III Advanced
(need a graphing calculator),
PreCalculus Honors
(need a graphing calculator).
NOTE 1: It's better for you on tests to bring your home calculator, so you're using something you're used to and know where the second functions are, etc.  If you don't bring yours from home, you're welcome to use the loaner calculators that I have in my classroom.
NOTE 2:  DURING TESTS, YOU MAY NOT USE A CELL PHONE CALCULATOR.  By district policy, all phones are to be turned off in classrooms during class times (which for Mt. Everest includes study groups and testing times).