MONTH 10:
 Week of June 1-5: CLICK HERE.
 Week of June 8-12: CLICK HERE.  
 June 15 (Last day of school):  Math testing from 9:00 to 11:00 on Monday, June 15.  Students must show up by 10:00; I will not give out tests after 10:00.  Students must finish any test by 11:00.  NO FINAL EXAMS (those must be finished by June 11).  This is the last opportunity to do a retake test.  Students must bring the original test and corrections assignment, or there's no retake test.  This day, June 15, is also the last day to turn in month 10 work and attendance packets, and other things like month 10 extra credit or any late work.  Those things must be turned in by 12 noon on this day.