Directions for Correcting Tests
(5% of the monthly grade)
After tests are graded, go to the teacher and ask for the test.  Then follow these directions. 
(See the bottom of this page about corrections and retaking tests, or for corrections when test scores are 90% or higher.)

1. Use separate paper.  Students who earn 89% or lower must use a separate piece of paper to do these corrections.  NOTE: Students who earn 90% or higher may do these corrections and error statements on the test itself--but then they must also write "CORRECTED" at the top of the answer sheet above their name. Those students with 90% or higher do not have to do steps 2 or 3 below, but must do steps 4, 5, and 6.  However, if a student with 90% or above does want to use a separate piece of paper, they are allowed to do so.  In that, case, follow steps 2 and 3 also. 

2. Write this heading in TOP RIGHT CORNER:
Test name (Example: Month 4 Part 1)

3. Write out the first incorrect problem as shown on the test.  YES, YOU MUST WRITE OUT THE WHOLE PROBLEM. 

4. Show your work, STEP BY STEP. Make sure it’s correct. Get help if you haven’t already figured out exactly what to do to get the correct answer. 

5. Show the answer, correctly, at the end of the steps. Contact teacher if answer is not written on test.

6. Error Statement: Write one sentence explaining what you did wrong the first time. This is to make you think about what happened, and then you will not be likely to repeat the error. Only one sentence or phrase.

7. Draw a horizontal line after you finish one problem and sentence, before starting the next problem.

8. REPEAT STEPS 3 THOUGH 7 FOR EACH INCORRECT PROBLEMS, even if it has just –1 point.  

9. Turning it in:        
Put the test corrections paper you just did, ON TOP of the original test.  
b. Staple them together--staple in the top left corner.  Keep them in order, with your corrections on top of the test
 Do NOT put the corrections and the old test with the monthly work packet.
If retaking it, turn corrections in at the time you retake the test. Do not put them in the corrections box; you must hand the corrections and old test directly to Mr. Greenwood
 If not retaking it, turn corrections and the old test in the corrections box that is in room 3.  You must do this at the end of the month after taking this test.


THE PURPOSE OF CORRECTIONS: The corrections for all students help them not repeat the same mistakes on future tests, since many questions are repeated throughout the year.  Also, it ensures they give the tests back, since the teacher keep all tests, not students.  Students bring tests home only to learn from and do the corrections, not to keep. 

TESTS THAT ARE 90% OR ABOVE: Students still have to do corrections, but they do not have to write the corrections and error statements on a separate piece of paper; they can write them on the test itself.  For tests that are less than 90%, students must use a separate piece of paper as stated in the directions above. 

RETAKING TESTS: When a student is going to retake a test, then the student is to hold on to the old test and the corrections, and turn them in at the time of retaking the test.  That way the student has a really good study resource, and has it up until doing the retake.  If the student waits a while to do the retake, then the teacher enters a grade of F for the corrections (partly as a reminder), but it will change to full credit once the corrections are turned in at the time of the retake.