NOT FOR TEST WEEK.  If you're taking the normal monthly math test during the normal math test week (the week when the work is turned in), then no reservations are needed.  Just come to your normal class time; you will take the monthly test during class. 
NOT ON MONDAY AFTERNOONS.  Usually math testing is available on Monday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:05.  No reservations are needed; it's a walk-in time.  
YES,  FOR MID-WEEK TIMES.  You must make a reservation for any of the mid-week testing times (click here to see those times).  That's because there are only a few spots open, and the teacher must have enough advanced notice to prepare a test and have it ready in place because the test will taken in the back of the classroom while a class is being conducted. 
1.  Send an email to me (Mr. Greenwood) before 3:05 on Monday afternoon of the week to take the test.
2.  Write in the email the following things:
(1) student name,
(2) course name, 
(3) test month/number,
(4) requested day,
(5) requested time (go to this page for the exact days and times available).
3.  Get an email back from me confirming that the time is reserved for you (or your child, for younger students).   Notice that emailing to me is not enough; if you do not get an email confirmation back from me, then you do NOT have the spot reserved.  Email me again if you have not heard back after one school day. 

4.  If you for the reservation in person, you must see me write it down on my retake schedule--or else it is NOT confirmed.