1.  There is a list on the San Diego State University of private tutors who are students there.  The list shows which ones will tutor k-12, and it gives their rates.  The URL is

2.  Remember that I (your teacher) has some available math help times.  Along with parents' help at home, it would probably be helpful for students to come in and see me sometimes outside of class to get help on things they're having difficulty with, either the new material in a month or the things they had problems with on tests--before they retake them.  The times I'm available are listed on the link that's on my main math webpage, as "Math Help Sessions, Days/Times."  
3.  There are lots of other really good websites available online, most of them free.  Do a web search for whatever math topic you're interested in, and then cull the results to find those that are clear and show similar problems to what you need to learn. 

4.  Talk to some of the students in your class who are doing really well.  It might fun as well as helpful to make a small study group with some of those students. 

1.  A former student of mine graduated from college with a major in electrical engineering and might still be available for tutoring.  His name is Louis Tiger, and his email address is