1.  Students are allowed to retake the monthly math tests for all months except 5 and 10. 

2.  They may only retake a test if they first do the "Student's Test Corrections" Assignment for that particular test.  (Click here for the directions on how to do the Corrections Assignment.)  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students should have studied a lot more than just doing the corrections is definitely not enough by itself to become a lot better at doing the math. 

3.  They must bring the corrections assignment, stapled on top of the old test, at the time that they come to do the second test.

4.  They retake the test only at one of the times allowed.  All of the times require a reservation (except Monday afternoons at 1:00).  Go to this link to see the days and times when a retake test may be taken.
About Mondays:  Math testing on Mondays goes from 1:00 to 3:05 (no tests may be started after 2:00).  You DO NOT need a reservation for a Monday testing time.