Here are some websites that can help you if you have difficulty with some of the topics in Algebra, or if you just want to explore and learn more. 

At the bottom of this page are links for FACTORING POLYNOMIALS and PARABOLAS

KHAN ACADEMY  (Online videos of various math topics, various levels; EXCELLENT site) 

PUBLISHER'S VIDEOS  (These are the videos that match every section in our textbook)

COORDINATE GRAPHING  This is a page of links I've found just on coordinate graphing (points, slope, graphing equations)

(These sites are mostly the index or first page of a site that covers most topics in Algebra and beyond.  Peruse them as you need, to find whatever topic you're looking for.)

Basics of Algebra (5 pages, starting with this page) Algebra (very good site)

Algebra - Math for Morons Like Us

S.O.S. Math - Algebra

Introduction to Algebra

Ask Dr. Math: Algebra

Purplemath - "Your Algebra Resource"

GoMath's Algebra Solutions (lesson index)

Understanding Algebra (An online algebra text)

Math is Fun - Algebra page (index to many Algebra topics)

Technical Tutoring (Algebra Help Pages Index)

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Algebra Page

The Math Page: Skill in Algebra

Basic Algebra Topics (start part-way down the page)

Polynomial  Long Division

Print Free Graph Paper  


PARABOLAS:  (See HERE for more "Conics")